Efficient solutions for the IT and automation skills shortage

Root cause for the employee shortage

Available engineers 🛑
High salary expectations 🛑
Applicants are underqualified 🛑
Lack of soft skills 🛑
No applicant pool 🛑
German language skills 🛑

Customer benefits through Xpertsforwork

Available engineers ✅
Adequate salaries ✅
Senior engineers ✅
Intercultural training ✅
Optimal recruiting ✅
Cost-effective and efficient ✅

We place experienced IT- and Automation- experts from India.
100% demand-oriented, optimally prepared for Germany

Albert Einstein - - Albert Einstein -

The purest form of insanity is to leave everything the same and the same time hope that things will change.

Albert Einstein- Albert Einstein -

Why Xpertsforwork?

We think holistically and understand our customers business.

We are different from others - we go different ways and have a successful concept!

We come from the IT and Automation industry and have decades of experience in almost all levels of business at SMEs.

As experienced managers, we are very familiar with the challenge and successful filling of vacant positions.

On the basis of our concept, we have already been able to successfully build up resources on a long-term basis at our previous companies.

Personnel consulting and management consulting ... successful, because different!


"Perfect Match" for both the sides

Personnel Consulting
Recruitment of IT- and OT-Engineers

We have personal access to top trained professionals in India.

We only place applicants with suitable technical qualifications and social skills.

Through this careful pre-qualification we create optimal conditions for a long-term and successful cooperation between employer and employee.


Through our concept "ANTRINON" we create sustainable solutions for employers and applicants.


We advise and support our customers in the implementation of necessary change processes and technical consulting.

Decades of personal experience with SMEs in almost all business areas, make us the perfect partner.

Management consulting, Personal consulting, Business development, Technical consulting 


What we can do for you


Recruiting and placement of IT and OT professionals for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Management Consulting

Consulting and coaching in the field of business management, strategy

Business Development

Process analysis and definition
Marketing, Sales

Technisches Consulting (IT/OT)

Standardization, technical concepts, engineering, documentation management

Project Management

Process analysis and definition
Project management, support and training

Project Controlling

Process analysis and definition
Project controlling, support and training

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