FAQs for Employers

Most frequent questions and answers

It is important for us to achieve a "perfect match".
In doing so, it is a matter of course for us to get to know our contacts in the client company personally.
In order to determine the right candidate, we want to develop a feeling for the future workplace and the working atmosphere in the company. Once the job profile has been jointly defined, we search for your new employee in our pool of applicants.

Don't worry, we will support you with this. The most important thing is: You find the right candidate. And with the (German) employment contract, the visa application is quickly done.

People from China and India are naturally used to different procedures. Our candidates have all undergone intensive intercultural training beforehand. She or he will still have start up problems afterwards. That's why we also offer training to you, the future manager, and your new colleagues.
Most importantly: Take an interest in the new employee. Indians and Chinese are happy if you are interested in their country and culture.

We prepare the CV's of our candidates so that you can immediately compare and evaluate the qualifications. This should save your time.
During the interview you can also ask technical questions or define an exercise task in advance. Thus, the professional qualifications would be quickly checked.
However, social skills are also important to us, and for this our candidates have to complete a multi-stage training in which they are tested by us.

Contact us. We will take care of the rest. Here is the contact form.

The search is free of charge. The goal is a successful placement. For this we take a commission.
Thus no risk for you! Get in touch with us. $$$

We come from your industry. We know what you need. We don't place a mechatronics engineer in an automation position in the life sciences. We save you time and money.

The interviews are conducted via web meeting.
This is where you get to know the candidate. To ensure that everything works perfectly, we will be happy to accompany and prepare you for the interview.
The first interview will still be in English, but our candidates will immediately attend a German course with the goal of B1.

We come from the industry. We ourselves have searched for, hired and coached specialists as executives. We are authentic. We are specialized. Our processes are simple, fast and effective.

In addition to their national language, business-fluent English is required. The candidates then prepare for the task in Germany and have the goal of achieving B1. This is also a requirement with us.

AND: With your new employee's national language, you may later be able to take your first steps in these huge markets.

We place our candidates exclusively in permanent positions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Perhaps the opportunity will arise later, if that is what you want.

No. We only do the placement in permanent positions in DACH.

Because we work differently than the usual recruiters. We have a successful concept with ANTRINON. If you want to benefit from it, you just have to want to work with us.
We support you from the definition of the job to the hiring process. We pay attention to the professional as well as personal skills and leave neither you nor the candidates alone.
We take care of all questions.

As few as possible, as many as necessary.
We want to save your time and effort. We analyze all candidates in our trainings in the country of origin for the Perfect Match

FAQs for Applicants

Most frequent questions and answers

No, the placement fee is paid by the employer.

Of course, we are always looking for suitable candidates.
Use the contact form.
If we find something suitable for you, we will contact you immediately.

Yes, we are happy to support you. The most important requirement is a valid employment contract.
Once we have achieved this together, it can happen very quickly.

Of course you can! In Germany we also need good Engineering Xperts!

We place our candidates exclusively in permanent positions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Perhaps the opportunity will arise later in consultation with the future employer.

We offer various training courses to prepare you for the German job market. Among others, an intercultural training and a preparation course for job interviews. learn more read more

Many people in Germany speak English. The official language is German. A good knowledge of German is a prerequisite for a career in Germany.
If we have found an employer for you, a German course is mandatory. We will support you in your search. Then you will be well prepared for your new job.

We will prepare you intensively for the start within the framework of our training. learn more read more
Auf Wunsch begleiten wir Dich auch in Deutschland. Z.B. bei Vertragsabschlüssen, bei der Suche nach der richtigen Versicherung und dem günstigsten Telefon und Internet Provider. Keine Angst. Du bist nicht alleine 😊

Just be patient. After your successful application with us, you can go through a special training with different modules.
In the meantime, we will look for a suitable employer for you. After that you only have to get the visa. This can take up to 4 months.

You don't know Germany yet. It depends on the employer and your qualifications. We support you from the beginning to make a good deal where both sides are satisfied.

Yes, English language skills are a minimum requirement.

Do I have to fly to Germany for the interview?
You will only travel to Germany after the contract has been signed.

We process your documents and if your professional and personal profile fits, we contact you by mail or phone. In the first interview we will analyze which company you could fit best.
As soon as you have completed our training, we will contact our partner companies. If we receive positive feedback on your resume, we will prepare the first official interview with the potential new employer.

Our experienced recruiters will accompany you from your application to your employment with our customers. They will give you important information about the interview and the start in Germany. Profit from it!

Data protection is very important to us. Your data is protected by us. We will only pass on your contact details in the event of a contract.

We usually work with small and medium-sized companies. With these companies you have excellent conditions to start your career in Germany. SMEs are often hidden champions that you don't know yet, but are very successful.

Wir halten uns selbstverständlich an alle geltenden Vorschriften und Gesetze. Durch eine Gesetzesänderung in Deutschland kommst Du mit einem gültigen Arbeitsvertrag schneller an eine sogenannte Blue Card, die Dir das Arbeiten in Deutschland ermöglicht.

Terms and Conditions

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