Willkommen  bei XpertsforworkWillkommen  bei Xpertsforwork
Mission: resources for success

Welcome to Xpertsforwork

we see ourselves as game changers for solutions around resources and skills shortages in Germany. We are proven Xperts and have profound experience in the IT and automation industry. The range of our previous tasks and roles at corporations and SMEs covers essential business areas. Our experience is rounded off by the intercultural composition of the team.
All these reasons make Xpertsforwork the ideal partner.

Management consulting and personnel consulting from one source!

Gamechanger Xpertsforwork

Who, How, What, Why?

Challenge "skills shortage"

The shortage of IT, OT and engineering professionals has become increasingly apparent as a massive problem.
Traditional recruiters are often unable to grasp the technical issues. Therefore, 10 to 15 interviews to fill a position are not uncommon.
Effort, time and costs on the employer side are immense.

What we don´t do!

We don´t do headhunting, where resources are simply shifted from employer to employer. A domino effect is created, the shortage of skilled workers is not solved. The competition for the few skilled workers drives up the salaries and of course the commissions of the intermediaries.

The solution!
Xpertsforwork – resources for success

We are different! We think holistically! We stand for sustainable solutions for the success of our customers!

As a full-service personnel consultant, we reduce the shortage of skilled IT and automation engineers in Germany through the targeted placement of experienced engineers from India.

Thus we supply the German labor market with qualified specialists with affordable adequate salary requirements.

With our specially developed concept ANTRINON we support employers and applicants by accelerating the onboarding of new employees into the working environment of the new company. As a result, the new skilled workers can be deployed more quickly and profitability is increased.

Our target customers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs for short) in IT and process automation, benefit particularly from us.

Mission: resources for success

Hartmut Dietrich - Founder & CEO, Xpertsforwork GmbH

Xpertsforwork stands for "New Work" in the context of a modern, open-minded and international work culture.
We connect our clients and candidates in a respectful and appreciative way, creating added value for both sides. The goal is a long-term, sustainable and successful cooperation.
Because only satisfied employees bring the best results.

Hartmut DietrichFounder & CEO, Xpertsforwork GmbH


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